Presentation of Kvakstad Gaard:

Kvakstad Gaard is a Stud Farm situated 55 km southeast of Norway’s capital, Oslo, and within 30 km of the swedish border. Tone Wirkola, owner/manager, shares ownership with Lars Ruud. We have been in the breeding business since 1979, with stallions boarded at our farm, and since 1993 we have also been breeding with imported semen from all over the world.

In addition to managing the farm and the breeding operations, Tone also handles the creation of text and pictures for the advertisements and marketing that utilize this website and horsemen periodicals. Tones credentials includes an education as a trainer and a norwegian championchip for woman drivers.

Kvakstad Gaard serves approximately 20-30 % of the market for breeding of warmblood-trotters in Norway, and has done so the last years. Tone Wirkola and the farm was the "Breeding champion" in Norway 2008 and 2009.

The breeding season 2011 we are agents for 20 foreign stallions.

So far the text on all the pages are in norwegian (easy to learn, and so useful....!) You may take pleasure in looking around anyway, and here's the guide to make it easyer:

Breeding Stallions (Avlshingster)

Stallions we are agents for (Importhingster)

Foreign stallions norwegians may use 2011 (Godkjente 2011)

All our previous stallions (Tidligere avlshingster)

Pictures of most of them (Gamleguttas Fotoalbum)

Our Broadmares (Avlshopper)

Our weanlings - yearlings (Unghester)  

Picture-pages (Album)

Pictures of Offspring born 2010 (Bilder av X'ene)

Pictures of Offspring born 2009 (Bilder av VW'ene)

Pictures of Offspring born 2008 (Bilder av U'ene)

Pictures of Offspring born 2007 (Bilder av T'ene)

Pictures of offspring born 2006 (Bilder av S-ene)

Pictures of offspring born 2005 (Bilder av R'ene)

Pictures of offspring born 2004 (Bilder av Q-ene)

Pictures of offspring born 2003 (Bilder av P'ene)

Pictures of offspring born 2002 (Bilder av O'ene)

Pictures of offspring born 2001 (Bilder av N'ene)

Pictures of offspring born 2000 (Bilder av M'ene)

Pictures of offspring born 1999 (Bilder av L'ene)

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